2024 Rock ‘n’ Pyro Demo

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  • Bada Boom Fireworks is Pennsylvania's premier wholesale and retail fireworks store. We have the cheapest prices in PA!!! Others advertise it, but we have it. There are no gimmicks with our pricing. Just cheap prices. We don't force you to buy more than what you are looking for just so you can get a better price. After you purchase from us, you will walk away feeling good knowing you got the most fireworks for your money. Pennsylvania residents are welcome! We have a great selection of PA Legal fireworks for you to choose from. Some of our PA Legal Fireworks are so good; they have been used in professional shows. Our products are the best.  Everything we have is field-tested (which is why we love this business).  We spend thousands of dollars every year looking for the best fireworks available.  When we find our favorites, we bring them home and offer them to you.  Nothing goes on our shelves without approval from us first.

    Our Bada Boom Brown Paper line is a step above from the rest.  The performance and quality is unmatched.  With the Bada Boom label on it, you know it's going to be good!

    We carry the full Pyro Demon line of fireworks which is one of the hottest new brands in the country.  We also carry all the best brands such as Fisherman, Pyro Nation, World Class, Cutting Edge, Boomer, Shogun, BIG Fireworks, Megabanger, Brothers, Winda, Wild Dragon, Wicked Pyro and many others.

    Stop by and see us, we would love to talk a little pyro with you.   



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